Bronnie says So What!

Just leaving this here. Bronnie Hughes could be on track as the next (early years) Avril Lavigne, or serving you at a gas station around Liverpool in a couple of years (or running her own record label). Really could go either way, depending on the fickle nature of music and the younger fan base, but you can't fault her effort, enthusiasm and positivity.

Her new four-track EP "Erase Me" is out this week and should follow the power-pop punk DNA of her early efforts. It is out on iTunes and Spotify.

The Brink bring rock with an edge

Been a while since I got to catch a show, but I was lucky enough to see The Brink on an acoustic tour over the weekend. Even unplugged(ish) they can pack in a mighty sound. With a triple guitar attack, their modern take on classic rock is layered, textured and catchy as a room full of mouse traps.

The band have a quiet unassuming charm, possibly a hint of swagger, but have clearly put in the work to be a big-crowd pleaser. Catch them live with Germany's (via Arkansas, apparently) The New Roses later in the year - that should be a great feel-good tour to boogie along to.

The Brink's new single Little Janie has a rougher and raw edge to it than the almost Thunder-esque tones of last year's One Night Only. Can't wait to see where their sound takes them next, but they feel like a band in charge of their destiny.

Each of their songs is eminently listenable, destined to be played loud and makes you proud to know that the next generation of rock is in safe and mischevious hands.

Join WET as The Kings of Thunder Road

Some days I have Spotify or YouTube rolling recent release playlists in the background, and I hardly notice the music dribbling into my ears. But, they perked up for this belting track by W.E.T., a Swedish/American band that's new to me.

Kings of Thunder Road has a great eighties feel to it, catchy hooks, pacy and jangly light guitar work, while keeping plenty of modern depth. And anything that namechecks Thunder Road has to be a bit good. Check out the album Earthrage for this and more!

Mauwe hit Gold with new release

Are you having a strange day? Feeling a little unappreciated? Suspect the world is against you? Sing this to yourself or any close friend in a similar mood, a great way to get anyone out of a funk, or just pep you up!

While it's not my usual type of track, the we've-all-been-there party video with stereoscopic effect treatment make it an impressive combo to enjoy. From the lounge keyboard opening chords to singalong chorus, this is one for your inner circle to share.

Dead Man's Whiskey is rock done right!

For a newish band, formed in 2016, Dead Man's Whiskey has a massive and remarkably mature sound to enjoy and be pummelled by. The new single, My Year, to my ears has notes of Thunder, Skin and even a little Whitesnake buried in the mix, a proper classic rock sound with modern overtones and a working club spot of rebellion in the lyrics.

The band's other songs have pace, power and purpose all in perfect harmony, albeit with a "who does this sound like?" game playing in the back of my mind. Still, should be well worth checking out. Visit their Facebook and see them on tour with the likes of Jizzy Pearl and Samarkind very soon!

Wilson sees red over Demons

Do have to say, I'm starting to prefer animated videos to see endless clips of bands monkeying around or trying to be overly serious or dedicated artistes. This latest work from solo act Wilson is a subtle guitar piece with the red skyline of doom casting all sorts of portents for the demons, personal, imagined or otherwise, in the title.

You can grab the song from iTunes here.

What Rockin' 1000 did next is awesome

This has been blasting out on every device I have for days! A couple of years back, Rockin' 1000 got a huge number of musicians and singers to play Learn to Fly, in an effort to get Foo Fighters to play a show near their Italian homes.

A couple of years on, and the movement is growing with this awesome Summer Jam, located in an epic mountain valley, and by happy coincidence putting some of my favourite songs all in one crushing mix.

Primal Scream - Rocks
Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows
The Strokes - Reptilia
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Suck My Kiss
Wolfmother - Woman

Can't wait to see what they do in 2018, Check their YT feed for loads of party and practice videos, such dedication, and all for fun!